An Anticlimactic End!

So here it is the final episode in the Wing Chun Dummy series, and I didn’t get finished shots of the dummies before I delivered them! Sorry guys. I guess this series was really more about the journey than the destination anyway! But for those of you that always ask “Are we there yet?” don’t worry, I have another batch I’m working on right now and I’ll be sure to get some shots and post a video. Maybe I’ll even show off my non existent wing chun skills! Stay tuned for the next project, A buddhist teaching throne!! No Joke.

Stop Making Mistakes!

Finally a new episode. I’ve been traveling all Summer working on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and have finally got myself set up to edit on the road. So here ya go! It’s more guerilla than the other episodes but it gets the point across.
In this episode I make another stupid mistake and then fix it.

Nice Legs…Dummy!

Sorry so long between posts everyone, I’ve been busy traveling and haven’t had time to edit some footage together. I’ve been working on a TV show called Extreme Home Makeover Edition or something like that, not sure I’ve only seen it once. Just kidding, I know the name. It’s Edition Home Makeover Extreme. So that’s my excuse. In this episode I show how I build the dummy legs, or would that be leg, well I built 5 so I’ll just say legs. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

A Lesson on Metalworking

In this episode, I combat the forces of poor planning and under engineering. After trudging through some metal working I get back on track and finish turning the bodies.

Gettin’ The Body Spinning

In this episode I get the massive body blanks onto the lathe and find out how gnarly it is to have a 150 lb. chunk of wood spinning in front of you!

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

In this episode I make an attempt to clean up the shop but fail. I also show how to build a template for the copier and I turn some pegs.

Body Building To Pomp You Aahhhp!

In this episode I show how I cut the leg mortise and laminate the dummy bodies. I use a jigsaw with a monster blade to cut two 2×10’s at once! Get don naaaww! I’ll be bock…hasta la vista baby… ok I’ll shut up now.

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